Breakfast Menu


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Turkish bread / Sonoma grain sourdough with homemade jam (v) (df*) (gf*) 6
Yoghurt Pannacotta, orange blossom, rhubarb, sesame macadamia spiced nut granola (gf)  17                                                                                                           
Buttermilk pancakes, double cream, organic maple syrup, vanilla bean ice cream (v) 19
Add strawberries |+4 Add banana |+4

Wild mushrooms, Sonoma grain sourdough, avocado, Bulgarian feta, tomato salad, poached egg (v*)(gf*)(df) 23
Omelette of the day, za’atar Turkish toast (gf*) (v*) 20
Middle Eastern spicy lamb mince, pine nuts, hummus, rocket, pita bread (gf*) 21
Eggs benedict, Moroccan spiced hollandaise, asparagus (gf*) (v*) 22
Ham / Smoked salmon / Bacon / Sujuk
Coconut lime | Banana bread with butter 7

Eggs Your Way, Kellyville free range eggs, za’atar Turkish toast (df*) (gf*) (v)12
Poached / Scrambled / Fried
Sides 4.5
Hash brown / Mushroom / Baby spinach / Baked beans / Feta cheese / Bacon / Roast tomato
Avocado / Halloumi cheese / Merguez sausage / Spinach harissa potatoes / 2 eggs / Sujuk / Smoked salmon

Meze Me Big Breakfast (gf*)(df*)(v*)25
Kellyville free range eggs – Poached / Scrambled / Fried
Za’atar Turkish toast, bacon, spinach harissa potatoes, mushroom, roast tomato, fried halloumi cheese, Merguez sausage

Middle Eastern Vegetarian Breakfast (gf*)(df*)(Vegan*) 25
Za’atar Turkish toast, hummus, falafel chakchouka, fried cauliflower eggplant jam, mushroom,fried halloumi cheese, spinach harissa potatoes, poached eggs

Breakfast Tagines
Served with Kellyville free range eggs, Za’atar Turkish toast and Lebanese bread
Lamb mince, onion jam, spinach, roast tomato, bell peppers, feta (gf*)(df*)25 / 46 for 2
Roasted pumpkin, onion jam, spinach, roast tomato, chickpea, bell peppers, feta (gf*)(df*)(v)25 / 46 for 2
Mix half lamb, half pumpkin add $2

Kids Breakfast age 2-12 (includes kids apple or orange juice)
Kids buttermilk pancakes, double cream, organic maple syrup, vanilla bean ice cream (v)15
Turkish toast, one bacon rasher, one egg, one hash brown (gf*)(df*)(v*)15

(df) dairy free | (v) vegetarian | (gf) gluten free |(*) indicates dish may be altered to suit (stated*) dietary requirement